You can be a rock-star Birthing Goddess
it's in you!

Everyone is different. On a different journey, with different needs to fit in to a different schedule. I know that not everyone wants to have me physically there with them so I have a few options!

Free initial spark chat

I am more than happy to meet with you (via zoom) and have a chat about what you need. You might be working on that initial choice or you’ve had a look at what I have to offer and there’s a spark there. Please don’t hesitate to book in a time with me – I look forward to meeting you! 

Initial Choice

I believe one of the biggest choices that affects your pregnancy and birthing journey is WHERE you are going to have your baby. There are probably more options than you realise and depending on your circumstances, you may or may not be eligible. It can be completely overwhelming trying to choose when you just don't know! Never fear, let's chat through your options and I can help you problem solve - completely FREE - to help you start your journey on the right foot.

Initial Spark

You think you might want a doula, but you're not really sure. Or maybe you're sure you want a doula but want to make sure we are a good fit? I'd love to chat. Finding a doula is like finding a good fitting pair of undies - they need to be just right. Ask me all the burning questions you may have about me and my services to make sure you are getting the support you need - no saggy panties allowed! (except you can call in your pjs so they're more than ok!)

Do you want a birth class that’s better than the hospital one? To learn about birth, not just hospital policy? In the comfort of your own home whilst wearing your pjs? At a time that is convenient to you AND your partner?

My online birth class is coming soon!

Want a doula? I have online and in-person options. I have packages for pregnancy support with or without birth support. I know that everyone needs something slightly different, so nothing is set in stone. Feel free to download my package information guide or keep reading first to get more of an idea of what I’m about.

You should thank you for taking the time to look for the right doula and the right package for yourself. I truly believe that no doula is “the best” at their job.

Choosing a doula should be like finding the perfect undies; they need to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to take on anything! Depending on who you are and what situation you are in, you have expectations and needs for a set of underwear; not everyone likes the high waisted granny-panties!

Speaking of full support – that’s what you will get from me. 100% commitment to making you feel like the most important woman in the room (and on the planet!). What that looks like for everyone is different, so I talk to you like I talk to my friends; no expectation of how you should/ shouldn’t behave and no judgement on what you think and feel. And trust me, by the end of this we are going to feel so comfy with each other – friends for life!

Bringing a baby into the world is huge! You need to be able to feel confident in yourself to birth sweet and that is exactly where I come in. I want what you want; to be happy, loved, supported, safe and cared for. 

What do I actually Do?

From doula dates to the birth adventure I am here to support you. That can look different depending on what you need and what you’re hoping for!

Let me guide you to create your birth plan; to support you through the twists and turns of your pregnancy journey; to help you to prepare your mind and your body for your birth; and be educated so you can be confident to make all the choices that need to be made. You have it in you. Trust me, you are strong enough! We will work through your past birth experiences whilst acknowledging and planning pathways for the fears that you may have. How? We doula date, of course! 

And between dates we text and call and chat and facetime. I warned you we were going to be close, didn’t I? I’m not here for the surface chit-chat. I’m here for the deep, real talk. Your fears and worries, what having a newborn is really like, your feelings are all valid. 

And then it’s time to meet your baby earth-side! You are going to do brilliantly – I can already tell because you are taking an interest in to making sure you have the best support team around you. 

My job during your labour and birth is to continue the support. To be right there cheering you on and reminding you of how awesome you are. I help you problem solve if there’s a change in plan, give your partner a break when they need, bring fuel (in the form of snacks) sort logistics (like moving the car) and remind you of your plan and strategies. My favourite part is that I get to see you in all your glory and power, be supported and loved and bring your baby into the world. It’s the best job ever. 

Are You ready to love and be loved birthing your baby?

to download my package information and price guide

My Packages

The Complete Birth Sweet

This is my top-of-the-range package. Pregnancy and birth support with me right beside you, supporting you the whole way. 


What’s included:

Digital Doula-ing

Maybe you’re a 21st century tech-wiz… maybe you’re not. 

Or maybe you like what you see, but I’m waaayyy too far away to make things work (long distance sucks, I’ve been there). 

Either way, if you decide on a package that doesn’t include physical hands-on support at your birth, then why not make it online? We can both be in our pjs and be like modern pen-pals! Fun, right!? It’s not just texting, there’s zoom calls and phone calls too of course (I’m not a catfish!) and all the same support as the in-person pregnancy support, just at a distance. 


The last bit...

If you have read this far down the page and downloaded my package info & prices and you still have questions – that is completely fine and 100% allowed! I’d love to chat and answer any questions you have and see if we can make it work. 

When you download the package info, you will also be sent a link to make a time for a “initial spark chat” – free of charge, ask me anything and make sure that we are going to be a good fit – we don’t want saggy panties! 

I have a FREE online Facebook community that you’re welcome to join. Even if you’re not yet pregnant and you’re just doing your research – please join us!