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I think hiring a TENS machine is one of the best choices for labour support (aside from a doula, of course!) They are a very popular, low-risk option for drug-free pain relief. I hire out my TENS machines for 4 weeks either side of your due date (8 weeks total) with a return paid shipping satchel included. Just pop it in the mailbox when you’re done!

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 $2.00 - $65.00 Unit Price

Day based pricing : Obi TENS
1 - 56 days : $65.00 Fixed
57 - 365 days : $2.00 / Day
Day based pricing : Elle TENS+
1 - 56 days : $65.00 Fixed
57 - 365 days : $2.00 / Day
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The must have item for your “go-bag”! A TENS machine offers drug-free pain relief for women in labour. Although there are many types of TENS, the maternity range have a BOOST button for extra support through each contraction/ surge/ wave.

Included in your hire:
– TENS machine
– new batteries
– 4 new electrode pads
– 2 x lead wires
– instructions
– lanyard so you don’t have to hold it throughout labour
– paid return postage satchel

It is a flat hire fee for 8 weeks hire (I suggest you book from around 36 weeks to 4 weeks after your due date), giving you plenty of time to return it, even if you carry your baby for 42 weeks. Just remember to pop your machine, leads and lanyard into the pre-paid satchel and place it in your closest mailbox once your ready. You can opt for local pick up or delivery of your machine, but both these options include the return pre-paid satchel.

Obi TENS: The Obi TENS is the most simplistic labour TENS machine I stock. It’s as simple as turning it on and pushing the boost button during your contractions! With minimal extra features, it saves confusion when you are focussed on more important things – birthing your baby.

Elle TENS+: The Elle TENS+ is more versatile in it’s functions. It has a small screen which shows how long the boost button has been on and has the ability to fine tune the settings of the stimulation. Some women find this useful, others find it confusing.

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Some FAQs

TENS Machines

Includes how it works, who can use them, a summary of research and how to use it for labour. 

An email will be sent to you with a pdf file to keep!

The Hire Process

ASAP! I have a limited supply of TENS machines, so the earlier you book yours in, the more likely I will have one available for you. 

Your machine will arrive with a pre-paid satchel to use to post it back! All you have to do is put the machine, leads and lanyard in, seal it up and pop it in the mailbox. 

Please keep me in the loop! Send me a message via facebook, instagram or an email (sam.zieg@outlook.com) to let me know what has happened. I will try to be as accommodating as possible and you may not need to pay the whole fee.

Rather than hold a deposit for each hire, I decided to include a disclaimer that comes along with your hire. If a machine is not returned or returned broken, you will incur a $100 fee

Let me know! Send me a message on facebook, instagram or email (sam.zieg@outlook.com) and we can figure something out. 

Usually this will be no problem, it’s only if I have it booked out back-to-back. 

Without communication, you may incur a late fee of $10 a day. 

Get in touch ASAP!

If I haven’t sent it out to you yet, then I am happy to re-fund the whole price. Unfortunately, if I have put it in the post then you will need to pay the hire fee. 

Yes. If you choose not to use the TENS in labour, that’s fine but you will not be refunded for your hire period. 

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