I’ve said it before, but I love showing women that they have many options when it comes to labour and birth.

Did you know that pregnancy doesn’t need to be painful, uncomfortable and dreaded

There are things you can do to have a faster, simpler, less-complicated, beautiful birth.

Post-partum recovery doesn’t have to continue on to into years to come. 

Hi! Sam here.  Wife to an incredible husband, mum to two beautiful daughters, physio, doula and I love seeing informed couples take charge of their health and their choices as their family grows.

I am here to help you and your partner to make informed choices and be in control throughout your pregnancy and birth by assisting you to prepare your mind and body.

A pregnant friend of mine once said to me “it’s just so difficult to tell a doctor that you don’t agree”. It was that sentence that made me realise I needed to do this as a career and help women feel confident, find their voice and say what their wants and needs are for their pregnancy and birth.

I have worked in the health system for many years and know that there are many situations where recommendations are not backed up by evidence – particularly around pregnancy and birth. There is so much information and opinion out there, it is difficult to know just where to start. As a physiotherapist and a doula I can help you navigate through your pregnancy with evidence based information to make an informed decision, that is right for you. Together, we can take away the fear of birth and replace it with knowledge and strength, leaving you confident, prepared and powerful; ready to love bringing your babies earth-side.

As a physiotherapist, I see women who have been conditioned to feel like they need to “put up with” so many common pregnancy symptoms, when really there is something to be done about pain and incontinence during pregnancy and postnatally. I can help you prevent and relieve these symptoms and at the same time strengthen your body for a quicker and smoother labour and recovery.

My Qualifications


Qualified physiotherapist – Bachelor of science (physiotherpy)

  • studied at Curtin University
  • currently registered with AHPRA


Qualified & experienced doula

  • trained with the Doula Training Academy
  • member of the Doula Network Australia

Wife & Mum

My proudest achievements!

I have an amazing husband and I am “mummy” to two beautiful daughters.

If you would like to get to know me more, please follow me on social media, have a look at the services I can provide or send me an email.